If you use another LMS or are planning on sharing your courses with your clients or customers to utilize on their own platforms, you can export your Coassemble content as a SCORM package that can be uploaded and delivered on other third-party learning platforms.

Unlike most authoring tools, Coassemble is a cloud product. The SCORM ZIP file only contains pointers to the Coassemble app, so you'll only ever have to download/upload the ZIP file once, even if you modify the lesson or quiz.

How to Structure Courses You’re Exporting as SCORM

You will need to export each individual resource as a SCORM object so we suggest building out long-form courses with just a few modules. Rather than creating a course with many lesson modules try to utilize 1-2 lesson modules using Lesson Topic templates instead to segment and break apart your content to save yourself some work!

Only lesson and quiz modules can be exported as SCORM objects. You will not be able to export Video, External Link, or Document modules - so ensure that content is built out and housed inside your Lesson Module.

Configuring Your Courses

The way you configure your lessons and quizzes in Coassemble will determine the experience you create for learners in the third party platform, as well as how your quizzes will be tracked and recorded.

To learn more about configuring your modules cheek out:

How to Export your SCORM Package

To export a SCORM object:

Step 1: Head over to 'Resources' in your sidebar navigation menu and select 'Share'.

Step 2: From the share page, click on 'SCORM'.

Step 3: Select a resource you want to export and click the 'Get SCORM Package' to download your resource.

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