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If you would like a customer to purchase access to an Coassemble Course through your Shopify account, follow the steps below to connect your Shopify page to Coassemble using Zapier.

The prerequisites:

  1. An Coassemble plan that allows the use of API (Please refer to the pricing page to find out if your current plan allows for this)
  2. 1 Course with 1 Group enrolled
  3. Free 14-day Shopify account
  4. Free 14-day Zapier account

Step 1: Create a Shopify account

Step 2: Select 'Add product'

Step 3: Give your product a Title, Description, Cover Image, Product Type, and add it to a Collection

Step 4: Give your product a price and untick 'This product requires shipping'

You'll need a way to connect this purchasable product to the Course in your Coassemble Campus. To do this, you'll need to make the product 'SKU' the Course ID number in your Coassemble Campus.

Step 5: Go to your Coassemble Course, copy the Course ID number and paste it in the Shopify 'SKU' field

This example shows our Course ID to be 8588

Be sure to hit that 'Save' button when you're finished

We now have to connect Coassemble to your Shopify account using Zapier. To do this, follow the steps provided below.

Step 1: Create a Zapier account

Step 1: After you open the link we send you, you will be able to select 'Create this Zap' to begin creating a link between Shopify and Coassemble 

Step 2: Change the first step (Trigger) from Coassemble private to Shopify by clicking on the 'Coassemble Private' button, typing in 'Shopify' and selecting it from the dropdown

Step 3: Now, select 'New Paid Order' as the trigger from Shopify and click 'Save + Continue'

Step 4: Click 'Connect and Account', enter your Shopify URL Hostname in the text field below. and then click 'Yes, Continue'

Step 5: Install the app by clicking 'Install app'

After you install the app, you will be able to test the connection with the provided test button. If this test returns with 'Success!', please continue with the steps below

Step 6: Click continue on the screen after testing the connection, fill out the information as seen below, and click 'Continue'

Please note that you must now purchase something from your Shopify account before you can use the 'Fetch & Continue' button on Zapier. The easiest method is to go to your Shopify account, change a product to $1, and purchase it. After Shopify collects data from this test purchase, we will then be able to continue with the Zapier setup by using the 'Fetch and Continue' button. After this is done, you will be able to go back to your Shopify account and refund the test purchase.

Step 7: Change the price of the Shopify product to $1 and hit save

Step 8: Copy your Shopify URL with .com being the end, paste it in a new window and hit enter. Next, click on the $1 product, add it to your cart, and complete the payment process

Step 9: Go back to your Shopify account, click on 'Orders' and open the recent order that is currently 'Unfulfilled'. After that, click on 'Start Fulfilling' and then 'Fulfill Items'

Step 10: Go back to your Zapier setup and click on 'Fetch & Contintue' and then 'Continue'

Step 11: Add a new step using the + button on the left, type in 'Coassemble in the text field and select 'Coassemble private'

Step 12: Select 'Enrol Member' as the action and click 'Save + Continue'

Step 12: Click on 'Connect Account'. You will be required to enter your API KEY, USER ID, and CAMPUS SUBDOMAIN. To gather this information, go to your Coassemble account, click your name on the top right side of the screen, click on 'Campus Settings and go to the 'Integration' tab. 

CAMPUS SUBDOMAIN as shown below 

Step 13: Copy and paste this information in the Zapier screen and click 'Yes, Continue'

Step 14: You should now be on the 'Set Up Options' page. Fill in the following information as seen in the screenshot below and hit 'Continue'
Email: Email
Username: Email
Email Address: Email
First Name: Customer First Name
Last Name: Customer Last Name
Time Zone: Line Items Origin Location Address2
Password: N/A
Activate: False
Disable Course Enrolment Email: False

Step 16: If you'd like to 'Test This Step', feel free to use click 'Fetch & Continue

Step 17: You should see 'Test Successful'. If you see this, click 'Add a step'. If you haven't received 'Test Successful', go back through the steps to ensure each step has been correctly configured.

Step 18: Create a new step, search for Coassemble Private in the search field, select 'Find Group' and click 'Save + Continue'

Step 18: Click 'Test' and then click 'Save + Continue'

Step 19: Click on the 'Course ID' text field, select 'New Paid Order', and select the 'Line Items Sku'

Step 20: Type the name of the Group you'd like the Shopify customers to be enrolled into that is enrolled in the Coassemble Course.

Step 21: Complete the test by Clicking 'Fetch and Continue'

Step 21: Create a new step, search for Coassemble Private in the search field, select 'Find Group' and click 'Save + Continue

Step 23: Select 'Enrol User in Group' and click 'Save + Continue'

Step 24: Complete the test and then select 'Save + Continue'

Step 26: Click on the 'Group ID' text field, select 'Find Group' and click 'ID'

Step 27: Click on the 'Student ID' text field, select 'Find or Enrol Member', click 'ID' and finish with clicking 'Continue'

Step 28: Complete the test and select 'Finish'

Step 29: Turn your Zap on and that's it! 

Don't forget to go back to your Shopify account to refund the $1 purchase you made yourself to complete the initial setup of this Zap!

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