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There are many reasons why you may want to move a learner from one group to another, but you may be hesitant to do so because you're worried about losing the learners progress. In this article you will learn how to move a learner from one group to another, and how to transfer their progress data as well. 

Warning: It's important to be aware that if your learner is enrolled into the course via a group, removing them from the group will also remove them from any courses the group is enrolled into. The new group they are enrolled in must also be enrolled into the courses that contain data.

Transferring learners

As groups are simply a way of organising your learners, transferring them from one group to another will not have any negative effects on the learners tracking data. The simplest way to transfer the learner is to remove the learner from the current group, and re-enrolling them into the new group. 

From the enrollments tab inside your course, open the group you want to remove your learner from and click the remove button to remove the learner.

Once you've removed the learner, open the group you want them added to and type the name of the learner into the 'Add existing learner' input box. Once the name of your learner appears, click on it to enroll them. 

Your learners data will now be transferred from one group to another. To check, that it has worked, head over to the reports section to see that the data has been moved. 

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