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You can use LTI to add Coassemble content to your LMS - Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard to name a few. You might like to read this primer article if you aren't familiar with what LTI is. 

Head on over to the share page, and check out the LTI tab (if you don't have it, ask us to switch it on). The LTI tab is a little bit different to the other tabs, in that you can see what you've already shared, and there's some instructions there for setting up LTI.

Go ahead and open your LMS and add a new LTI tool. You'll find all the values you require on the Coassemble share page, LTI tab.

For Canvas

For Blackboard

For Moodle the documentation is a bit vague, so here's the run-down:

First, add an External Tool as an activity

Then add a preconfigured tool by clicking the little plus button - doing this will save time with subsequent modules.

Then you can add the cartridge URL and your consumer key and secret - all found on the share page of Coassemble. Remember, you only have to do this bit once!

Click Save Changes, then Save and Display, and you'll be taken to a screen to choose what content you'd like to share

Click 'select' and from then on when you launch the module, it'll have the Coassemble content embedded! That's it!

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