The team have been working really hard on a range on new features and improvements for Coassemble over the last few weeks. We've been focusing on adding extra layers to our reporting and analytics, with two new report functions. Check them out, alongside this month's other notable features and fixes, below:

New Features 

  • We've created a new report on the Analyse page called the Results Report.  This report allows you to analyse all of the results data associated with every Course in your campus, including; every participant, every group, and every module. You can use filters and a date range to find only the data you're looking for, and export it quickly to CSV. 

  • For those on a Partner plan, we've created a new report that allows you to track the number of enrolments on each of your child campuses. The report allows you to see the number of enrolments on each Course, including the the origin department of the resource. This is great for letting Partners track the activity in their child campuses, and see what content is performing best within them. 

  • When moving a participant from one group to another, you now have the option to transfer that participant's associated tracking data to the new group.  

  • We've finally got LTI provider support for Lessons. It's in BETA, so please let us know if you'd like to be one of the first to test it.

Product Improvements

  • We made sure all Course and module codes appear on exported reports.

  • For some reason you couldn't search for a user using their full name; we've fixed that now. 

  • As the user of a Partner Campus, when adding a new client Campus you can now add yourself or someone else as the Campus manager in one single step.

  • After creating a new Course, Lesson, or Quiz, you're immediately taken to that resource's edit screen, so you can spend less time navigating and more time making great content! 

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