Using the Preview function is a great way to see what your Learners are experiencing. Previewing will also allow you to ensure it is error free. Let's take a look at how preview a Course.

The first method will take you straight to the Course preview.
Step 1: To preview a course, simply hover over the course card of the course you wish to preview, and click the 'options' button. A menu will drop down, click 'Preview course' button.

The second method will take you to the course editing screen and then to the Course preview.
Step 1: To preview a course via the editing screen, simply click anywhere on the course card you wish to view.

Step 2: Click on the preview button near the top right of the screen

I'm previewing my Course, but I'm not seeing all of the modules

You will need to ensure each module within the Course has been published or they will not appear in the Course preview.

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