This article is relevant to users on Enterprise plans.

  • Multi-Tenancy
  • 20,000 Active Users
  • Enterprise Integrations
  • Unlimited SCORM Exports
  • VIP Support

The Enterprise plan allows for unparalleled training at scale, with access to multi-tenancy capabilities, enterprise integrations, and a low active user cost.

Multi-tenancy is a feature that allows you to split your account into separate campuses, with each campus having its own branding and customisation. This means that each campus can have a unique logo, domain name, and colour scheme. With multi-tenancy, account holders can train staff in separate, branded spaces, optimising training at scale.

Enterprise integrations refer to SSO and SMS integration. Single Sign On (SSO) integrates users' existing login credentials so they can login to Coassemble with the usernames and passwords that they currently use for your organisation, resulting in a painless training experience for employees and administrators alike. 

The Enterprise plan allows account holders to train up to 20,000 active users a month, with extra users added at a cost of $0.5 per user. This low active user cost makes the Enterprise plan an affordable offering for any organisations seeking to train at scale.

The Enterprise plan is priced on a case by case basis, tailored to individual organisations depending on active user numbers, necessary support levels, and integration requirements. Please contact us using the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to discuss a quote.

The bottom line: With the ability to separate campuses, allow participants to use their existing login credentials, and train bulk users at a low added cost, the Enterprise plan works best for large organisations seeking to painlessly automate training on a large scale. 

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