Listed below are the most notable new features and improvements for the latest release, Wickham:

New Features and Improvements

  • We've added a new Resource Library page that lists all of the Assignments and Documents used in your Campus in one place

  • We also added a handy 'Grade' button to the student Assignment Report, so you can jump directly into grading the Assignment from that page

  • You can now duplicate Quiz questions from one Quiz to another - this should be a huge time saver!

  • The Video tile template now supports a huge range of embeddable video providers, so you can choose almost any modern video service you like. This includes ClickView, Brightcove, and many more!

  • We've added a new Audio plugin to the text editor, so you can embed and upload audio files anywhere you can type text

  • We've made considerable improvements to our API, making it easier to connect third-party apps to Coassemble

  • The student feedback document for an Assignment now appears on the participant's grade screen for downloading

  • Assignment navigation now floats down the page as you scroll, so your participants will no longer get lost!

  • Other facilitators will now be notified when you grade an Assignment, and, as a result, the participant completes that Course. The Course-completed webhook will also fire now when you grade the Assignment as passed/competent

  • We've added a department-level 'Share' permission. Anyone with this permission will be able to download SCORM packages and retrieve share URLs for any resource in that department, regardless of ownership

  • We're now showing timestamps on in-app notifications - check how recent all your notifications are at a glance, or hover over the timestamps to see exactly when each notification arrived!

  • We've added LTI Tool Consumer support so you can add LTI modules to your courses. This feature is currently in closed beta, so if you'd like to get involved in testing it out, please let us know!

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Background colours of tiles were being cut off on some tile templates - now the background colours always extend down the entire page

  • Added alt text for Correct Image Challenge questions

  • Moved navigation circles for Slide Show template below the image

  • Fixed issue on Usage report where assignments to grade weren't showing all assignments

  • Fixed issue on Assignment report where deleted participants in deleted groups were still being displayed

  • Fixed incorrect average mark calculation on Assignment report

  • Made sure the 'Continue' Course button is disabled if the Course's due date has passed

  • Also disabled the course navigation items if there's an unmet Course prerequisite

  • Floating navigation, such as the Widgets panel when building a Lesson, has been made smoother and more reliable

  • If your Course has required Assignments, then a participant has only completed it once you grade those Assignments as passed/competent. Previously, this was not correctly registered as completing the Course: other facilitators weren't notified that the course was completed, your Course-completion webhooks weren't activated, and so on. Now Course-completion by grading is handled correctly

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