The ability to upload your own SCORM packages let's you add existing eLearning files to your eCoach Courses. We've made sure this capability is available for everyone on any plan. This article should help to make the process of uploading your own SCORM packages as easy as possible! 

Let's take a look at the steps below to learn how to upload SCORM packages into an eCoach Course:

Uploading a SCORM package 

Step 1: Click Edit on the Course that will host your SCORM package.

Step 2:  Move over to the Modules tab, drag the SCORM Module from the right side of the screen, and drop it into your Course Pathway.

Step 3: Click on 'Drop a file here or click upload', select your SCORM package from your computer, then select the 'Module Type' and 'SCORM version'. Don't forget to give your SCORM package a title before saving your changes using the green tick.

The Course Pathway should now display your new SCORM package. To check this SCORM package is working in your eCoach Course, you can preview the Course using the Preview button on top right of the Course screen, as shown below.

Note: Some SCORM packages do not communicate their completion, you are able to manually set the SCORM package as complete in the Module Settings panel.

We hope this short article was helpful and thank you for your continued support of eCoach

Happy eCoaching!

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