eCoach Lite

eCoach Lite is a simple, intuitive platform for creating and delivering online training.

There’s no unnecessary clutter or complexity - just everything you need to run engaging, effective training.


eCoach Lite is $249 a month, and lets you train up to 100 users monthly. 



eCoach comes equipped with best-in-class content creation tools, so you can build out training programs in minutes. Upload existing documents, embed multimedia, and make use of our library of interactive templates to craft content your learners will love.

Create your own training content: Create your own training content with our drag and drop templates. No design expertise is required and there’s no limit on the amount of content we let you create.

Keep learners engaged: Keep learners engaged with over 40 interactive templates and the ability to embed multimedia.

Upload training files: Upload documents, embed videos and include external links in courses to make the most of your existing training files.

Update your training: Edit your training and it will update in real time, no matter where you’ve shared it.


Once you’ve built your training program, you can enrol trainees, arrange them by groups, and schedule your training. You can also share your content outside eCoach.

Add and arrange trainees: Enrol users into your campus or course at the click of a button and organise them by groups.

Schedule your training: Schedule your training by setting course commencement times and enabling rolling enrolments.

Export your training files: Export your training to third party Learning Management Systems via SCORM and LTI.

Share your content externally: Share your content with private and public URL links, or embed your content on your website.


Manage your training files and your trainers with ease, thanks to an intuitive resource library and editable user permissions.

Build a resource library: Unlimited storage and easy search and filter functionalities mean you can build eCoach into an extensive content library.

Toggle user permissions: Limit your trainers to teaching permissions for individual courses, or give them campus-wide access to organise your training structure.


Access detailed analytics to see which of your learners are completing their training, what scores they’re getting, and how long your courses take to complete. Use that knowledge to improve your training methods.

Track your training: Track your training with at-a-glance visual reporting, and granular analytics that let you drill down into specific learner actions.


Brand your campus: Make your campus feel like home by adding your own logo and customising your campus colours.


Delight your learners with a beautiful training platform, engaging content, and the ability to train anytime, anywhere.

Train a mobile workforce: Mobile optimisation means that your training will resize to fit any screen, whilst cloud hosting means it can be accessed from anywhere, allowing staff to train anywhere, anytime, on any device they want.

Signpost your learning: Ensure your learners know when they have courses to complete, with student notifications and a calendar that outlines upcoming events.

Simplify your training: Give your learners a training environment that they understand, with a beautiful, intuitive user interface.

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