• $399/month
  • 500 Active Users
  • 5,000 SCORM Views/month
  • Custom Branding

The Growth plan allows users to take their training to the next level, with 5000 unique SCORM views, custom branding and up to 500 active users.

Custom branding removes all eCoach branding from your campus, letting you add your own logos, edit campus colours and fonts to fit your brand style guide, and tailor feedback popups. All training is hosted on a personalised campus hostname that follows the format of 'YourOrganisation.ecoach.com'. Custom branding gives training a professional edge and ensures that your participants feel at home on your eCoach account.

The Growth plan allows account holders to train up to 500 active users a month, with extra users added at a cost of $2 per user.

Content created on the Growth Plan can be exported as SCORM files for use on a third-party LMS. The Growth Plan allows exported SCORM content to be accessed by 5,000 unique users a month. This content can be hosted on as many domains as you'd like.

The bottom line: Great for organisations looking to deliver professional online training to a moderate userbase or those looking to plug a rapid authoring tool into an existing LMS.  

To get started and try eCoach yourself register for a Free Trial today and reach out to our team to update your account at support@ecoach.com.

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